The Grand Valley is the biggest influence in what I create–from the orchards, to the sky, to the Mesa that greets me every morning, to the trails I run everyday. I have never been anywhere that holds light like this valley. I draw immense inspiration from this place and attempt to bring its beauty into my work.

My love for creating pottery is that it connects me to something bigger–similar to my days of being a river guide and interacting with the grand, eternal nature of the river. Everything is dependent on the moment: throwing the clay on the wheel, the heat in the kiln, the way you mix your glazes, working with what is given, finding the flow and constantly adapting. It all has an aspect of chance, shaped by experience and steered by the heart. It is a moment frozen in time that I get to share with you.

I live in a farming community and see much of my work as the final piece in the process of receiving your food. Caring about where your food comes from is such an important act of kindness to the local farmer and I honor this conscientiousness with my artwork. I celebrate the hard work and care behind growing our food, preparing it, and finally presenting it to nourish us and bring us together with family, friends, and our community.

Erin Stephens-Marner