Based in Palisade, the agricultural hub of Western Colorado, ESM Pottery Farm is creating functional farm to tableware ceramics and hopes to capture some of the aesthetics of Western Colorado landscape while balancing function with form in small batch production.

These unique pieces focus on refined form to be used in your daily life. To bring joy to your table or greet you in the morning when your lips hit the cup. A celebration of hard work that frames the care and appreciation you put into the food each piece holds.

Inspired by the rivers and rock that flow through the Grand Valley and taking cues from Alaska to West Virginia, ESM Pottery Farm’s studio stands at the foot of Mt Garfield looking East to the Grand Mesa. Grounded in this special place, the studio glows with the colors of the mountains and orchards that surrounds it.

Find your piece of the Grand Valley.

Visit the studio. By appointment only.

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